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Keep The Sunshine Up
White Collar
Neal Caffrey

Summary: He met someone at park on a beautiful day...

It was a very beautiful day and Neal had decided to take a walk at park.
As usually there were people around, enjoying the day.
Luckily the lunch break was long enough for him to escape from Peter and get some time to think.
Yeah, like he could just turn the instant stroll of thoughts off. Oh how he wish he could. Some thoughts were too much to think about.
Suddenly the man found himself in a more deserted area. How come he didn't noticed?
He was usually most observing person, so how could it be he'd totally lost in the thoughts not even noticing how much time passed nor where he was going?
Puzzled by his own fuzzled thoughts Neal almost landed on his face when his foot stumbled over something.
Neal wasn't clumsy at all, so this came as a surprise when he found himself tripping over... A dog.
A dog?
From where the dog came?
This puzzled him more.
The black puppy was sitting on the grass next to Neal, who indeed had landed on the ground, though graciously avoiding any grease.
After a moment little animal waggled its tail and cocked the small head to side, curiously watching the dark haired man in front of him.
Moments later Neal was considered as not dangerous and doggy trotted closer to him. He carefully sniffed Neal.
"Hey, mister sunshine, you know I don't bite, right?" Neal spoke to animal, feeling silly.
Sure dogs can't understand people, can they? The thought entered his mind but doggy just made funny bark, waggling its tail.
Okay, maybe they do understand.
Since the dog seemed willing to spend its time with Neal, the silly human, the aforementioned man reached his hand towards the black puppy.
He seemed enjoying the presence of the human and even leaned closer. Neal took it as an encouragement to pet the doggy.
After a while of caressing the black, soft fur Neal felt his phone vibrate.

Of course, Peter. For a while he'd forgotten about world behind. But now it was time to return back to it.
"Yes, Peter. I'm coming. Nothing." he'd answered the annoying phone, then quickly ended call before Peter asked more questions.
Looking around Neal spotted his little friend had disappeared. He looked around but there was no sign of the little fella.
Sighing Neal got up to his feet.
"I hope we'll meet again, Mister Sunshine." he said aloud and didn't feel silly. He truly enjoyed the moment of comfort the puppy offered and was thankful about this beautiful day full of sunshine.
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