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The Mentalist
Crimson Shadows
Patrick J.

Summary: He felt the memories of darkness return. AU. Set in little different world, futuristic.
A/N: Written for Paint It Red Monthly Challenge September 2012.
Prompt: Scars by Elegeion
It had been quite a long time now since the last time he felt the memories taking over. It's been good and bad days ever since that day. The day that changed not only his world.
Now it's changed.
A lonesome stray fox passes by along first rays of sunshine. Day finally.
And he lets himself smile. Too much time since he could enjoy day with ease. Not anymore.
It still makes him feel awkward but so far he'd handled this new life.
Life of loneliness.
Slowly he got up from the patch of grass he's been sitting whole night fighting memories.
And suddenly, just for a moment, a feeling washed over.

Everytime I feel alone,
And left forgotten,
I have to believe in something...
Like angels,
To breathe

It's sunrise finally and Jane scooped up his backpack and went on forward.
Suddenly a crack from behind drew his attention back to present. The same stray fox trotted behind Patrick. He stopped and looked at the animal.
"Hey, how are ya? Wanna join?" of course, it was silly but noone else was around.
The animal stops too, looking up the blonde man. It isn't afraid. Just lonely, looking for a company.
So Jane waves with his hand for it to follow. And it obeys.
"So, what's your name?" he asks as if it's only random stranger, which isn't quite overestimated.
The fox just cocks its head sideways.
"Sally maybe?" Patrick suggests. The animal makes a sound. "Okay. Ruby?" another guess.
And then it makes another sound and waves its tail.
"So Ruby then. I'm Patrick." Such a ridiculous thing but comforting. Like finally there's someone to share the long walk. And he doesn't feel so lonely anymore.

Everytime I feel alone,
And left forgotten,
I have to believe in something...
Like angels,
To breathe

Somehow it's been couple weeks already since the last nightmare and memory of lost days.
His new companion keeps following. Even through tougher days.
His arm still hurts. Not too much but there's always better days.
Finally they come to a house. It's long since left empty and another memory washes over when suddenly he recognizes the front door.
It just can't be...
A smile slips on his lips as they move towards the house.
He still can't believe his own eyes.
The very same building he once called home, before one night he better forget, and the last he'd wanted to returned just happened to be the only one he'll be calling home again.
"So Ruby. Welcome home." Patrick said, patting animal's dark red coat. And he kept smiling as they entered.
Everytime I feel alone,
And left forgotten,
I have to believe in something...
Like angels,
To breathe

The End
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Title: Burn It Down
Rating: K
Characters: Patrick J. /Teresa L.
Summary: Jane needs comfort. Lisbon is there to help.
Spoilers: none specific
A/N: Written for Paint It Red Monthly Challenge September 2012
Prompt: ~Burn It Down~ by Linkin Park


The colors conflicted
As the flames, climbed into the clouds
I wanted to fix this
But couldn't stop from tearing it down
And you were there at the turn
Caught in the burning glow
And I was there at the turn
Waiting to let you know
We're building it up
To break it back down
We're building it up
To burn it down
We can't wait
To burn it to the ground


He sat still, staring at the wall with tormenting reminder, painted with the blood of his loved ones. His mind gone into dark abyss of destruction. But it wasn't all. It shouldn't.

It's getting dark outside but he doesn't move an inch, not even single twitch. He sits there like a frozen sculpture of neverending sadness.
Guilt still eats away at his soul. He still can't forgive himself. But would it change anything if he did?

One day this all will be over. And what then?
Where he'll be by then?

These questions occasionally finds their way in his mind. But he tries to shoo it all away.

Suddenly a gentle touch on his shoulder melts the part of dark away. His heart feels just a tiny bit lighter. Maybe there is light after all.

"Come with me. Let's get home." her soft voice travells through the darkened fog of his thoughts.

Just something so simple makes his legs move underneath the weight of his body. And he gets up, letting her steer him away. Away to hope. And light.
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Title: Get Free
Author: BlueDiamondStar
Rating: K+
Characters: Patrick Jane
Spoilers: maybe only bit from season 3 if your squint really hard
Summary: He was finally free, but was he really?
Author's Notes: A little drabble for Paint It Red August 2012 monthly challenge: Sine qua non.
And a bit of song fic.
Look at me
I just can't believe
What they've done to me
We could never get free
I just wanna be

He should be feeling better. Lighter. And free. He was gone. Finally down the way he put down his victims. The burden was gone. But why he didn't feel the way he imagined he'd feel?

Patrick looked down at his hands. Slight tremors were still thumping through his nerves.
He was finally free, but why it didn't feel that way?

He looked up at the setting sun. The soft, orange glow warmed his skin. But not his heart.
His heart still felt the same way. Why?
It's been only thing in his mind for such long time, it should've feel like it's finally happened. But it wasn't.

All Patrick could feel was the heaviness of him alone, without the agenda pushing him forward, closer to the edge.

It was now past that point, but he couldn't feel changes yet.
He was supposed to feel free. Aside the fact he didn't just yet...
Look at me
I just can't believe
What they've done to me
We could never get free
I just wanna be
I just wanna dream
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