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So I haven't been on for almost a solid 2 years...

A lot has happened since I joined RL nation and begun a new life.

I've stopped active fanfiction writing and have left only reading them when I have mood and time.

What once felt like a true friendship and blossoming love has now become a game of patience pulling. Dunno if it ever will recover/reborn the way it was at first. I assume there will only be memories of a time and adventures to behold...

I have changed few coworkers and a bit has changed since I started the job two and half years ago.

I have also lost many RPG places and people to big fat RL that keeps taking away people from creative expression. Meself including.

Mom has quit her job for a glance of new one just to have my boss being a bitch and pulling the thing apart. So she's unemployed for until miracle happens.

My happy phone needs a replacement in some time since it's been used almost pushing its limits of endurance.

And we lost a few phones to common issue- battery getting like puff/fattening up.

I started to have girl crush for my newest colleague because she is so alternative looking and fierce and looks so cute. But I am not good at Russian language so I try to learn from her.

I have found I want white ink tattoo of something small and meaningful to me. I want long hair and gel nails completed with nice clothes... I still daydream of impossible things...

I had an amazing trip to Estonia, Tartu with my bf's fam. I loved the country already. And Kerli comes from Estonia that is much more sophisticated than Latvia.

I went to a wedding of my cousin. It was fun event but I felt outcast in that crowd. I think I am outdated...

I met my long lost bestie from first school. She has gotten herself upated her own style and now belongs to other nation.

Had a fall out with my second bestie. But that was biggest idiotism from her side of things.. Because seriously how can you guarantee you will make the loan possible and nothing unexpected won't happen? Ya know, like, shit happens, right?

I had a trip to Stockholm, Sweden as well. Just via cruise ship. With bf and his buddy and his gf. It was good but with couple fallouts anyway.

I had travelled a bit of my own land thanks to my bf and his fam. Also had a chance to drive a car. My bf is useless teacher but I enjoyed anyway.

I was a witness of how fast a kid grows into a little piece of community.

I won a phone in a lottery which never happens to me. Nevertheless I needed a new phone badly. I guess my bf brought me luck because he was still happy with being in love with me.

I had to get new glasses because my old ones got too used.

I was being made to see my first evey gyno. I expected worse than it was and I was relieved it all went better than I feared.

I lost another relative to old age and illness.

I spent new year's eve not home.

We had to change our gas stove and my bf helped out.

Our house got involved into fire at basement. Mom freaked out but I was not with her. Thankfully it all went well but it still left an uneasy feeling about how unsave is the world we are living in...

So that's about it. Short summary of what this time has been. Something was left out by accident but oh well....

Anyway, a new year has started and I wish everyone to nail it, best it, live it, enjoy it, embrace it!
Happy New 2017 Year!!!
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