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Morning after sunrise
Blind light in your eyes
Turning to your face
Keen for race

Butterfly dance
Within the crystal flowers
The morning sunlight
Blinking alright

The sky is over
And clouds go cover
The streaming sunrise
Blinding white light

It's almost too bright
For ending light
That shines around
That sparkling cloud

But rain is close
To bring the ease
To let the breeze
Ride over leaves

And soon you see
Where air is free
And sun comes up
In lighter swap

It all is fine
With summer time
Because it's morning after
Midnight darker

Just keep it real
And dreams that trail
Far too to sail

Morning after
Sunshine brighter
Keeps you lighter
Flying higher

Don't loose the faith
In dreams so saint
Just keep it real
Not let it fail

And when the rain
So bitter plain
Comes flushing clean
Hold life so real

And never leave
Those you love
With soul so pure
And sun so bright

The morning after
Sunrise lighter
Let flowers closer
Your soul finer

Let butterflies dance
And rays of sun
To shine and jump
Around in fun

The sparkling lights
And rainbow bright
Between the dancing spills
Of splashing rain

Deep inside within your soul
Morning after sunrise
Blind light shining bright
Brings peace along the rain

And up in the sky
With flashing lights
Leaving bright blue sky
Goes thunder clouds

With sun and flowers
Dancing high above
Along the sparkling life
Of morning bright
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