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Thing #1: your head is tilted and arms crossed in a typical Ryan Wolfe style.

Thing #2: your hair and brain goes all Jane.

Thing #3: they better don’t let you drive because it’ll turned into
full McGarrett mode.

Thing #4: don’t let them open your mouth, the House is on your tongue.

Thing #5: those bugs in your room is a clear sign of Grissom.

Thing #6: the writer inside you is either Bones or Castle.

Thing #7: if you spot at least ten lies your friend tries to pull off,
beware of Lightman inside.

Thing #8: but then again telling all bio about a person in front just
by casting a glance is sure sign of sure Mentalist in you.

Thing #9: is the big rant coming every time someone pisses you off?
O-oh! Danno Williams breaking out!

Thing#10: but, if the geeky side shows off Greggo moves, don’t run
away, join the club.

So just keep watching tv and remember to have fun. xD

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