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~~~You thought it all was just a dream,
Until the thunder woke you up.
Nothing will be same again because I am here
to save you...~~~

He had never imagined it happening. No, it
had never crossed his mind that it could
happen this way.
And that made him even more helpless.
But it shouldn't even be his worry... now....
"Neal, please wake up." Peter's voice broke
through the haze Neal's brain had generated.
Yeah, like he really needed it. "Open your eyes,
Peter kept pleading and now it made
Neal feel like he really should obey.
But, when he tried, nothing happened. He felt
like his eyelids suddenly weighed ton.
What's happened?
Suddenly he could feel hands on his chest. And
then came pain...
"It's okay, buddy. You'll be alright." Peter's
voice penetrated his painful daze. And weird
enough, it somehow helped.
"P'tr!" Neal gasped out, surprised at how weak
his own voice sounded. He even felt his own
hand moving.
"Yeah, I'm right here. Just hang on." Peter
reassured his friend, and Neal made a weak
attempt at smiling back because suddenly he
felt too exhausted to try speaking.
And he felt Peter's hand gripping his own in a
strong hold.
He didn't plan on getting shot. No, it never
even crossed his mind.
But someone else did it, not planning either.
But Neal felt safe. Peter was there and nothing
else mattered.
Because he was safe now.

~~~You held me tight,
You came with smile,
And nowhere in the world
I felt like here with you,
My safe heaven...~~~
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