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So what I've ever wanted to be:

-CSI (because it's what I've ever wanted to be)
-photographer (because I so love taking pics and then doing bit editing for more feelings)
-singer (because I so love music and singing)
-song writer (because I have that mood for writing poems a lot, and I cannot find my first poem book I wrote totally in english when I was at 6th grade)
-writer (because I simply adore writing out my fantasies and whatnot I keep in my head)
-translator (because I so love english language)
-proof-reader (because I simply spot mistakes the moment I read a book or whatever)
-actress (because I've found a love-tv shows and seen how much fun and whatnot it offers)
-researcher (because I just dig until I find all or at least enough to satisfy myself)
-scientist (because I'm so fascinated by the myriad of things and processes all around us)
-detective (because I so love solving mysteries)
-figure skater (because I love skating and actually posses some good skating capabilities)
-web designer (because internet is my best friend and some websites really need some style)
-drifter (because it's so much fun and so needs some girlpower to spark up the whole deal)
-club co-owner (because there was this plan somewhere along the lines)
-IT specialist (because I love computers)
-cell phone and smartphone specialist (because it's been my obsession for ages)
-meteorologist (inspecting weather changes used to be my childhood's biggest fun and staring up at the sky in general for rain clouds)
-archeologist (because they showed it as a very interesting thing)
-surfer (because it looked so much fun)
-lifeguard (because it always look so brave and cool on tv)
-nature researcher (because I grew up watching National Geographic and reading encyclopedias)

...that'd be at least part of it...
So now help me find myself in this and please do take me away. I so need to keep this alive...

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