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Oh well, five years ago, if anyone had said it to me, I'd sent them to hell with all toothbrushes they have. But now I think it's not bad at all.

I used to hate men in suits. Suit as a dressing style irked me terribly. But then came CSI Miami's Ryan Wolfe. Can't say Jon doesn't look good in suit, but my nerves of seeing it too often got quite fried.

Then came Mentalist... Oh god, Simon! I so love those three-piece suits! I think I'd kiss the guy (or whatever) who decided Patrick Jane needs exactly that kind of suit (and thing in general). I never ever expected myself to start liking suits.

And then came White Collar... Jeff can I kiss you?
Thanks to Neal (Matt technically, but oh well...) and his classic Rat Pack outfits I'm so in love with suits.

And that's only about my liking to suits...
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